Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Yeezy Season 3

Back at it again with the Blogging!! lol

Hey Dolls! Last time i posted on here was back in OCTOBER!!
i know its been a while but i thought id switch over to Vlogging. It seemed like a good idea at first but there are some thing I want to talk and elaborate more about that are just too small for an entire video and too big for an Instagram post so i decided to do all three! lol
I love coming on here and be able to write and talk to you guys while wearing my granny panties and the dreadlocks i have made on my hair from not washing it for days (curly hair problems)! So from now on ill be on here posting outfit details with links for you lovely ladies and some gents!
Lets get started shall we?

Yeezy! Thus far ive liked some of the pieces from his collection but nothing really called out to me (even if it did i still wouldnt be able to afford it nor would i want to spend that much money on a pair of boots) like these boots Kim K posted on her IG:

The weirdest part of it all is that I'm not really a boot type of gal! i just feel like they don't go with me and its really hard to find a pair that i like BUT THESE!!!.....I fell in love. I looked at them for days! screenshot this and looked it all the time! lol so sad...........I had to reason to live (jk) Uuuuuuntil i came across this online boutique called SIMMI Shoes which was the first boutique that carried soooo many unique boots and I liked almost all of them!! I was thinking about purchasing these other ankle boots that almost looked the the Yeezy Boots but for some reason I didn't fall in love with them enough to purchase them.......because you have to fall in love first lol 
A couple weeks went by and they posted these:
By the time time i had realized they had these, they sold out! :(
A couple of weeks passed.....AGAIN!! and they restocked for pre-order......and by the time I saw the post they had sold out of my size again!!!!! I asked if they would restock again and they said they would........so being the smart and very determined woman that I am, I turned on the notification post to their IG so i wouldn't miss it next time they posted. I didn't know how long that would take so I gave up and realized it was just not meant to be.
Two days after I had given up on life (jk) I noticed a similar online boutique called PUBLIC DESIRE that carried almost the exact same shoes, so I went on their website.....and guess what i found?!?!?! I found both these pairs and they had my size (its pre-order but still) and they had one left in my size!!! I ordered them and as I was paying my card was declined -__- It was one of those fraud protection crap that they seem to only do when my life is on the line (at least it feels that way)!! I called told them i had made all the transactions on my card.....they cleared me so i went back to purchase my boots! As I was getting ready to pay my discount code wasn't working!!! GRRRRRR!!! I literally had the same reaction Kristen Wig had when her best friend announced she was engaged in the movie BRIDESMAIDS:

I ended up trying it on my Ipad and it worked!! They wont ship out until May 15th and then it'll take a couple of days for them to get home from London but i cant wait!! I have already have an outfit in mind for the clear boots, now i just have to figure out something for the black boots!......but i do have an entire both to figure it out so I'm not worried!! lol

Here's a link to both Boutiques:
SIMMIE SHOES: Black (pre-order)
PUBLIC DESIRE: Clear & Black (pre-order)

Stay Blessed My Fashionistas!

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