Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Midi, The Skater Skirt

Hello My Lovely Fashionistas!!

I've had this skirt for a while from Fashion to Figure. It's so beautiful and such great fabric! Unfortunately they have sold out of this skirt! Wack! I wanted to actually wear it somewhere nice but nothing has come up for me to Be able to wear to! So I decided to wear it on Mother's Day! I was gonna get super creative with how I shot this outfit.....tthen my camera died!! Grr! THEY don't want you to get creative with your shoot man!! Lol so this is the only picture we were able to shoot before my camera died! I will be re-shooting this and will  do a " 3 ways to wear" it! The bandeau I have on was a plus size one fits all (which clearly looks too big on me) so I'm on the hunt for a straight size one! It'll look better! I decided to post it, so you lovely ladies can get your midi skirt and join me on 3 ways to wear a midi skater skirt challenge soon! I will pick 4 different girls and post them on my IG!! Stay Tuned

Similar Style Skirt: ASOS
Similar Style Skirt: Charlotte Russe Plus

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