Monday, June 20, 2016

I Workout Because.....

Hello My Lovely Ladies!!

I got my workout clothes from Foreve 21+. I've been having it for a while and i've been wanting t post it but never got a chance to.  I do have to admit that at the beginning I  wasn't too impressed with their plus size workout gear but they were doing so much better compared to other active wear lines at the time. They have gotten soo much better and have cute/trendy pieces that I actually look forward to wearing to the gym!! Although I do need their plus size looked workout section to look just as trendy as their straight sizes section does, but i guess greatness takes time and I will keep working to find you ladies cute/trendy workout gear! I MEAN WHO DOESNT WANT TO LOOK LIKE A BADASS AT THE GYM?!? Ive also noticed that theyve had the same exact workout clothes since forever!! WE NEED NEW ITEMS!! 

Sports Bra: HERE 
Leggings: HERE

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wearing My Childhood

Hey hunay!

I truly hope you ladies liked this outfit as much as I did!
I absolutely love graphic tees! only because i feel like they go with everything! You can dress then up or down or middle? Any-who this is a graphic Tee from @lovesickfashion. I originally was going to buy it as a t-shirt but i decided it would be so much cooler to wear it as a dress! I mean how often do you see simple/oversize graphic dresses?!? Like almost NEVER right? I got this shirt in a size 4X, and i was worried that it wouldn't be long enough to wear as dress or too wide, but thankfully it fit perfectly! I've attached Link below! and remember if you ladies ever duplicate and outfit TAG ME!! id love to see ti and re-post! My strappy heels i got them years ago from JustFab.

(other ways to wear it)
1. You can add a leather jacket and booties (Edgy Look)

2.  Birkenstock or Gladiator sandals and Glasses ( Comfort&Cool Look)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Casual Chic

Hello My lovely Fashionistas!!

I don't think I've worn such a simple outfit and felt so trendy!
aaaaaaand!! Its Perfect for Summer!!!
Enjoy! XO

Boots: HERE
Jeans; HERE

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Perfect Sun Dress

Hello Ladies!!

I was on the hunt for a nice bight colored dress (specifically a yellow one) for a while now, and as most of my SNAP FAM saw, I went to a friends Bridal Shower yesterday. The day before the Bridal Shower I had a job interview near one of my favorite malls so i decided to stop by and "check it out". Usually when i have something in mind that i want to wear i would say 90% of the time I never find exactly what i'm looking for. I went to H&M and surprisingly I didn't buy one single thing. I went one to Forever 21 and afters and hour or so of not finding anything nice to wear I spotted something yellow deep in a pile of clothes and I pulled it out and it was exactly what I was looking for!!! A yellow skater dress and the fit was amazing! As the cool people say " It fit me like a glove". I got many compliments on it and also on the body chain I wore it with! I got the bodychain from Forever 21 but Unfortunately they don't have it online but I did find a similar one!

Dress: HERE

Bodychain (Similar): HERE


Friday, June 3, 2016

IT Cosmetics

Hello Fashionistas!!

Today's post is going to be all about cosmetics!! and if you haven't guest it yet its specifically about IT COSMETICS!!! lol

Here's a little sorta sad story about how i started my beautiful journey;

I turned 27 years this year! :( I was pretty ok with that even though most of my friends called me a granny only because Im a couple weeks older than them. It was a day like any other, a beautiful Monday morning to be exact. Birds were chirping, rooster were crowing, and the sun was as bright as can be, I did my usual morning routine, brushed my teeth, brushed me hair and that's when it happened!........I discovered my first silver hair! I cried and whispered to myself "its all down hill from here". That silver strand of hair killed my entire mood for the rest of the week and got into panic mode!! I panic!! (i know i mentioned that already but needed to mention it again so y'all know how much I panicked) decided to start taking extra care of my body, starting with my skin!
I've never really been a fan of heavy make up, but I had been wearing more than the usual the past couple of months (which my skin wasn't too happy about). I knew that all the make up probably wasn't going to be good for my skin, so i was on a hunt for an amazing moisturizer and foundation. I went to Sephora and told them the entire story lol (they loved it FYI) so one of the sales rep gave me a ton of make up samples and face moisturizing samples, but nothing really targeted anti-aging and went well with my skin. IT Cosmetics sent me an email around the same time asking me if they could send me some of their foundation for me to try. As all my #SNAPFAM know they came through for me!!

I loved everything I read on the box for the CC cream. 
1. Color Correcting [check]
2. Full Coverage [check]
3. ANTI-AGING HYDRATING SERUM! [big fat check]
4. SPF 50+ [check]
5. Chemical-Filter Free & Paraben Free [check]
6. CRUELTY FREE [fudge yes!]

I was super excited to see that everything I wanted and needed was in one tube!! Now, the ultimate test was to see how it looked and felt on my skin. I put it on and the first thing i noticed was how amazing it smelled!! and my skin loved it!!! Ive been using their products ever since! Im absolutely in love with everything. I love that all their products are meant to help your skin. When I wear their products i dont mind wearing it all day, when i wear other stuff I take my make up off ASAP. My mind feels a bid more at ease knowing that Im using products that slow down the aging process and that look amazing on! I feel so confidant wearing ALL their products. I 100% recommend their products!!!

There are a ton of new items im dying to tell you guys about! I will do so soon! Stay Tuned!

I created this entire look using ONLY IT Cosmetics products!


Product Description and Links
In Order:

Skin Prep
Confidence In A Cream Moisturizer
Anti-Aging Primer

Buil-A-Brow in Dark Brown
Naturally Pretty Romantics VOL.2
No-Tug WP Gel Eyeliner in Black
Superhero Mascara in Black

CC+ Illumination in Tan
Bye Bye Under Eye in Tan
Celebration Foundation Illumination in Tan
You Sculpted! Contouring Palette
CC+ Radiance Ombre Blush in Je ne sais quoi
Bye Bye Pores Pressed in Translucent
Hello Light  Creme Illuminizer in Radiance

YLBB WP Lip Liner Stain in Blushing Nude
Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss in Joyful