Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Simply Denim

Hello My Loves!!

I got these denim pants a while back from Fashion To Figure! Like months ago! and i have to say they are my favorite pair of pants! I have worn them for interviews, dates, casual errand runs, etc. Reason why they are my favorite pair of pants:
How many plus size skinny jeans do you own that have no back pocket or front pocket?! That drives me insane!! Liiiiiike where am I suppose to put my phone?!? lol
2. Thickness and Stretchy
I love the fact that they are a thick pair of pants but have a good amount of stretch.  Usually when a pair of pants is "stretchy" they stretch out too much and I end up looking like one off the little Homies Toys lol it does not look cute on me.
3. They are semi high waisted
Im pear shaped! Meaning my waist is a lot smaller than my hips! So its hard to find pants that actually fit my butt and my waist. Usually pants fit me from my hips but are to loose on my waist i have no issue with these pants!
Perfect for plus size woman and pretty affordable
Reason why I recommend them!

Getcho Pair Here: FTF

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