Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Closet SALE


Much Needed closet sale lol
I'm running out of room!! There will be a lot more coming up!
Most (if not all) are new and have only been used for photos! 
If interested please email me with group # and outfit #.
Also it's first come first serve basis so if invoice isn't paid within an hour it will be given to the following inquirer (if any).
None refundable
Everything will be shipped on Fridays
And size vary from 16-18 and L-XL
Everything Is available unless otherwise stated
Feel free to email me with any questions
Happy Shopping!

1) 2)
Air Jordan 3 Retro $100 Never Worn        Air Jordan 4 Retro $100 Size 6.5

3) 4)
       Jordan 1 Flight $40                             Air Jordan 10 Retro $80
All of these have been slightly 
All are a kids Size 7 except for one


Group 1
$80 ($150 value) +Shipping
Worn only for photos

Group 2
$80 ($145 Value) + Shipping
Worn only for photos

$80 + Shipping
Worn only for photos


$80 +shipping 

Monday, May 11, 2015

For The Love Of Color Blocking

Hello my Dears!!

Hope you spent your Mother Days with your mothers and/or mother figures.
I bought this Skirt from H&M and fell in love with it!! Its across between neon yellow/ neon green lol I'm not sure what it is but I loved the bright color! So Perfect for Summer!! I had a tad of a hard time trying to figure out what to wear it with. I first wanted to wear It with a royal blue and white flower button up but I wanted to keep it super simple. I love color blocking!! I Love mixing colors and print! I went with this right teal/royal blue crop top and for my heels I wanted a color that would compliment the blue and neon skirt. So with purple I went! I love these color on the pink wall also!! if this isn't the perfect summer pic outfit idk what is! lol
Be Bold. Be You!

Skirt: H&M

Monday, May 4, 2015

When in Doubt Go W/ Joggers

Hello Darlings!!

Wore this outfit to a friends Birthday! I wasn't in the mood to wear something tight so I decided to wear these joggers. Of course I needed to find a way to dress these up and what better then a button down! This shirt is perfect because its dressy but not to dress, plus the pattern on the top added some sass to it! I felt that my outfit needed some colors so I added my favorite red pumps!

Button down and joggers are a must!! you can wear this outfit with heels, sandals, or sneakers!!



Monday, March 30, 2015

Be Your Own Cheerleader: What facial feature I love about myself

Hello Lovers!!
Reason why I staretd the " What you love about yourself" movement is because sometimes you need to remind yourself how pretty you are and what you love about yourself.
I'm the youngest of 7! ( mom is the real MVP) I grew up being bullied by my older brothers and sisters. I grew up having to hear everything I wasn't or everything that was wrong with me. My parents never once gave me a compliment never really bothered to make me feel special... My mother was all about tough love and dad well, I never really had much of a relationship with him. Instead of having my confidence build, they destroyed it, and for the longest time I felt ugly.........like not just physically but mentally, and emotionally.
I went on believing that i was the ugliest person in the world for a very long time. When I was younger I was promiscuous, a guy would say something nice to me and I would be easily fooled. All that lead to many heartbreaks, many regrets, many tears.
I fell in love with a guy who i thought at the time was way out of my league, but he gave me the attention I never had ( well when he wanted to) and would tell me how pretty I was so I stuck around and I would rely on him to feel good about myself.  of course He was careless with my heart and totally took advantage of me (he knew how insecure I was) for many years and I allowed him to do so because at the time I felt like I couldn't do better. At the end he was a complete waste of time and he destroyed me even more!
The reason behind this post is because I want you ladies not to depend on peoples acceptance or rely on others to make you feel pretty or good about yourself, I want you to realize your own beauty. Reason why I do these posts. I have my days too! There are times when random things trigger the old Roxy and I become the insecure person I used to be, and I cry and I feel horrible about myself. Its the worst feeling anyone can feel. And I want to be the one to give your self esteem a little boost of self all while having you compliment yourself! I stare at myself in the mirror every once in a while and I remind myself that I'm the SHIT! and I go out and I act like I'm the shit, I walk like I'm the shit, because I know I'm the shit PERIOD! Don't give others the power to tare you down. You're Fucking Awesome so made sure people treat you that way. Don't depend on people to make you feel good about yourself because no one can properly do that like you can. RELY ON YOURSELF! Stand in front of your mirror and compliment yourself while smiling and you'll see the difference that makes!



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Monif Clarke's Guyana Bathing Suit

Never have I ever been in Love or felt sexier with a bathing suit before!
Loved the thick fabric and it sucked everyone in and sculpted my body! 
This bathing suit is definitely my summer accessory! 
Is it summer yet?!?!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Black Kimono Dress

So here we are again! 
I'm so happy with the positive feedback on this dress!!
I love kimono dresses and shirts, so when I saw this I had to have it!
I got it two sizes smaller. I'm usually a 12 and I got it in a 8, because that was the biggest size they had :(
Anyways here are a couple more pix of the dress.
It's not a flattering dress, but if you're like me and don't give a fuck, then it'll be amazing! 

Dress: H&M
Heels: Lola Shoetique

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Years Week Outfits

Hello Dolls!!

So I've been getting A LOT of emails asking me where I get my outfits from so here it is!!
A lot of the pieces aren't recent upurchases so I'm so sorry about that but you guys can definitely use something similar to pull any of these outfits off!
I love you guys so much! Do many crazy things (good crazy) have been happening since the new year and of course I couldn't have done it without you guys so Thank you so much!! Enjoy!! XOXO

This dress is from rebdolls.com but they have sold out and I found a similar one at Iheartposhshoppe.com
Heels are from lolashoetique.com

Both of these outfits are from H&M!
Peplum Top
Silver oversized top
Green metallic heels are from lolashoetique.com

I love this outfit! This entire outfit (except heels) is from windsorstore.com
Heels are from justfab.com

BDAY Dress is from fashionnova.com
Heels from lolashoetique.com

Top is from H&M
Skirt is actually a very short tube dress and I purchased that 2 years ago at wet seal :/

I purchased this dress from an IG boutique and unfortunately I cannot remember which one! :(
And the sequined jacket I got it from a thrift shop near my house for $1