Monday, March 30, 2015

Be Your Own Cheerleader: What facial feature I love about myself

Hello Lovers!!
Reason why I staretd the " What you love about yourself" movement is because sometimes you need to remind yourself how pretty you are and what you love about yourself.
I'm the youngest of 7! ( mom is the real MVP) I grew up being bullied by my older brothers and sisters. I grew up having to hear everything I wasn't or everything that was wrong with me. My parents never once gave me a compliment never really bothered to make me feel special... My mother was all about tough love and dad well, I never really had much of a relationship with him. Instead of having my confidence build, they destroyed it, and for the longest time I felt not just physically but mentally, and emotionally.
I went on believing that i was the ugliest person in the world for a very long time. When I was younger I was promiscuous, a guy would say something nice to me and I would be easily fooled. All that lead to many heartbreaks, many regrets, many tears.
I fell in love with a guy who i thought at the time was way out of my league, but he gave me the attention I never had ( well when he wanted to) and would tell me how pretty I was so I stuck around and I would rely on him to feel good about myself.  of course He was careless with my heart and totally took advantage of me (he knew how insecure I was) for many years and I allowed him to do so because at the time I felt like I couldn't do better. At the end he was a complete waste of time and he destroyed me even more!
The reason behind this post is because I want you ladies not to depend on peoples acceptance or rely on others to make you feel pretty or good about yourself, I want you to realize your own beauty. Reason why I do these posts. I have my days too! There are times when random things trigger the old Roxy and I become the insecure person I used to be, and I cry and I feel horrible about myself. Its the worst feeling anyone can feel. And I want to be the one to give your self esteem a little boost of self all while having you compliment yourself! I stare at myself in the mirror every once in a while and I remind myself that I'm the SHIT! and I go out and I act like I'm the shit, I walk like I'm the shit, because I know I'm the shit PERIOD! Don't give others the power to tare you down. You're Fucking Awesome so made sure people treat you that way. Don't depend on people to make you feel good about yourself because no one can properly do that like you can. RELY ON YOURSELF! Stand in front of your mirror and compliment yourself while smiling and you'll see the difference that makes!



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  1. I applaud you for doing this! I think people tend to misjudge "SELF LOVE" as selfishness or narcism. There's nothing wrong with showcasing the things you love about yourself. Thanks for doing this. Really inspiring post :)