Friday, January 9, 2015

New Years Week Outfits

Hello Dolls!!

So I've been getting A LOT of emails asking me where I get my outfits from so here it is!!
A lot of the pieces aren't recent upurchases so I'm so sorry about that but you guys can definitely use something similar to pull any of these outfits off!
I love you guys so much! Do many crazy things (good crazy) have been happening since the new year and of course I couldn't have done it without you guys so Thank you so much!! Enjoy!! XOXO

This dress is from but they have sold out and I found a similar one at
Heels are from

Both of these outfits are from H&M!
Peplum Top
Silver oversized top
Green metallic heels are from

I love this outfit! This entire outfit (except heels) is from
Heels are from

BDAY Dress is from
Heels from

Top is from H&M
Skirt is actually a very short tube dress and I purchased that 2 years ago at wet seal :/

I purchased this dress from an IG boutique and unfortunately I cannot remember which one! :(
And the sequined jacket I got it from a thrift shop near my house for $1