Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wearing My Childhood

Hey hunay!

I truly hope you ladies liked this outfit as much as I did!
I absolutely love graphic tees! only because i feel like they go with everything! You can dress then up or down or middle? Any-who this is a graphic Tee from @lovesickfashion. I originally was going to buy it as a t-shirt but i decided it would be so much cooler to wear it as a dress! I mean how often do you see simple/oversize graphic dresses?!? Like almost NEVER right? I got this shirt in a size 4X, and i was worried that it wouldn't be long enough to wear as dress or too wide, but thankfully it fit perfectly! I've attached Link below! and remember if you ladies ever duplicate and outfit TAG ME!! id love to see ti and re-post! My strappy heels i got them years ago from JustFab.

(other ways to wear it)
1. You can add a leather jacket and booties (Edgy Look)

2.  Birkenstock or Gladiator sandals and Glasses ( Comfort&Cool Look)

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