Monday, June 20, 2016

I Workout Because.....

Hello My Lovely Ladies!!

I got my workout clothes from Foreve 21+. I've been having it for a while and i've been wanting t post it but never got a chance to.  I do have to admit that at the beginning I  wasn't too impressed with their plus size workout gear but they were doing so much better compared to other active wear lines at the time. They have gotten soo much better and have cute/trendy pieces that I actually look forward to wearing to the gym!! Although I do need their plus size looked workout section to look just as trendy as their straight sizes section does, but i guess greatness takes time and I will keep working to find you ladies cute/trendy workout gear! I MEAN WHO DOESNT WANT TO LOOK LIKE A BADASS AT THE GYM?!? Ive also noticed that theyve had the same exact workout clothes since forever!! WE NEED NEW ITEMS!! 

Sports Bra: HERE 
Leggings: HERE


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  2. You are such an inspiration. These days there are so many options available to choose from workout clothes for women . Thus I tend to buy mine form the New Balance Website.