Friday, July 25, 2014

Peplum Chic

Hello My beautiful babies!!
I apologize for not posting as often as I probably should be but its been a very hectic month!!
My broke my phone so I was phoneless for about a week and I lost all of my pix and info!! Waah!!
You guys can see on my IG I've also been very committed to my workouts and Ive been working so much!! But anyways i'm definitely gonna try and post at least once a week!
Anyways tell me why I feel so in love with these jeans that I had to buy 3 pairs!!
(I would have bought more but they only had 3 in my size -_-)
I really think that all the jeans look different but they are all the same style if that makes sense. Some are more destroyed than others.
Believe it or not these two jeans are the same jeans!! The one on the right hand was a tad bit more destroyed than the left and my thunder thigh finished destroying it! lol
These Boyfriend Jean actually fit, look good and are super comfortable!!
I've never had a pair a BF jeans fit like these! Im happy as a clam!! :)
You Can purchase these BF jeans @ Forever 21 Plus
There are two layers to this peplum top which I loved so much! you can really see it in the picture but if you follow the link you'll see what im talking about. The bottom layer was a tad bit tight but I loved it because it sucked everything making me look lean and smaller at the waist. Not to mention the beautiful pattern and color it was perfect for my lunch meeting today! ( reason why I added a light coat) Purchase yours @ H&M
Last but not least my Lolas!! These heels are crazy comfortable! I bought two pairs and definitely going back for more! It totally amps up any simple outfit!
Get yours!! @ Lola Shoetique
I love you guys soooo much!! Thank you for being a part of turning my dreams into a reality! Muah!!


  1. hello Roxy. I just found your blog and I must say I'm inspired. Really nice blog you got. I have a fitness section on my blog that motivates people who want to lose weight or keep fit. if you don't mind, I'll like you to share your fitness story with my readers. Please get back to me. \thanks

    1. Hi love!! Thank you of course! I would love to be a part of your blog!!