Thursday, July 10, 2014

Date Night W/ Joggers

Hello Loves!!!
So I wore this outfit on a date last night. I chose this outfit for a couple reasons.
1. Red is my Favorite Color lol
2. These colors are perfect combo for summer
3. These pants are super simple yet stylish because of their relax fit. 
4. I know it summer and you want to wear less clothes, but I was going on a date so I wanted to look classy yet sassy. Reason why I paired these pants with a crop top just to show a lil somn somn.
5. I wanted to balance the sassy-ness from the crop top so I added this light cotton blazer.
6. Finally I felt that my outfit needed some print/edginess so I added my leopard print top!
I went on a late dinner date to a pretty nice place. (Reason why I dressed up a lil)
I definitely got a coup of compliment from my date!!!

The only item that I newly purchased are my pants! Everything else I pulled out of my closet but I found similar items for you guys to purchase to duplicate this outfit! 
Heels: Similar
Blazer: Similar
Crop Top: Similar
Joggers: Similar
Fierceness: (insert your name)



  1. Love the outfit! I've also frot ten more confident with wearing crop tops, they're my favourite must have trend this summer! I love your striped one! You look gorgeous x
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    Have a nice day :)


  2. This is super cute and relaxed! Love it :-)