Monday, November 10, 2014

PUR Minerals Review

Hello Dolls!!
I am super excited to share this review with you guys!!
I've finally after years of looking and wasting money on trying to find a product that wa good for my skin......I've finally found it!! And let me tell you its so affordable and good for your skin! I have used pharmacy make-up and skin care item for years and nothing worked for me. the foundations never gave me the coverage I was looking for and/or I could never find a color to match my skin.....I was breaking out a lot. Then I met MAC Cosmetic about a year ago and my skin went crazy but I was so addicted to how great it looked on that I kept using it. Meanwhile I kept purchasing these all natural foundations and cover ups that didn't really look good and they still clogged my pores! With a combination of the chemicals in the MAC foundation, the heat, and dry skin my skin went crazy and I broke out really bad. So bad that I had to keep putting on even more foundation which made me break out even more!! I felt so ugly. When I spoke to people i felt like they were looking at my acne instead of me! So I just stopped using any foundation on my skin. This is the scars that were left behind two months after id stopped using Mac Foundation on my skin.
Tired of how bad my skin looked I went on trying different mineral foundations until a sales associate at ULTA recommended I give PUR MINERALS a try. I told her about my situation and that I wanted a light coverage. She used PUR MINERALS 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation with Skincare Ingredients on one side of my face and then used 4-in-1 Liquid Mineral Foundation on the other side. The powder could be used as a light coverage and the liquid as a full coverage and let me tell you that they both looked soooo amazing on! The only thing now was how my skin would react to it. I purchased the two along with their
Color Correcting Primer - Hydrate & Balance - Lavender,Mineral Glow,Color Correcting Primer - Prep & Perfect - Neutral, Chisel Makeup Brush   and they gave me a free trial of their  Dirty Girl detoxifying Mudd Mask. I spent about $110 I believe. Some of the items came in  kit making it even more affordable. Anyways I use the powder with the prep&prime primer on a daily basis and use the Foundation with Hydrate& balance on Special occasions or when I wanted look extra did up! These are the results! This is after a month and a half of using PUR Products. clear skin and scars all almost gone!!
Im really loving how my skin looks and feel. Its just one less thing for me to worry about! I feel Flawless. I never recommend anything if it truly doesn't work and PUR MINERAL products are so good for your skin and it looks amazing!
p.s. the mudd mask is amazeballs! My skin feels so bright and soft after using it! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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