Saturday, October 25, 2014

Getting Ready for Chicago

Hey Loves!
     So as most of you know I'm taking a trip to CHICAGO!!! I'm so excited!! I love the cold weather!!! I have so many coats, scarves, boots, so many winter accessories I haven't worn in years! It never gets that cold here in California anymore. =( But anyways ill be posting all the items I will be buying for my trip here along with links and deets on where to get! If you ladies need ideas on outfits or how-tos leave a comment and ill be glad to help and make sure to tag me on pix wearing any of these items! I love seeing your pictures!! muah!!
Here are the first set of Items!
SO I purchased these because ive never been the type of girl to wear gym/workout sneakers as casual sneakers, but on my trip to Florida I was forced to wear gym sneakers because I forgot to pack shoes! lol anyways I totally loved the sporty look. So bought these to wear in Chicago with a graphic sweaters and a coat. Very sporty chic! lol (I love adding the chic to anything) plus the leopard print are statement enough so keep the rest of your outfit simple.
Got these from Footlocker
Ive been wanting Tims for a really long time now!! Ill definitely be needing these for my trip! I don't need to explain why right? lol
Got these from Shiekh Shoes
AAHHHHHH!!! I'm totally in Love with these boots!! I cant wait for them to get here so I can love them with all my heart!!! So I have cousins in Chicago and we will definitely be hitting a club or a bar. I needed a pair of high heel boots (to keep warm) that I can wear with a dress or a skirt. I'm a VIP member at JUSTFAB.COM and I had store credit so I checked their boot collection and ran into these babies! They are selling out fast so make sure to get yours ASAP!
Got these from
Coats are a must have for the winter, but cape coats make any simple outfit look so much more'll be warm and you'll definitely look stylish. This isn't the original picture of the cape coat I got.......I got mine from H&M and it looks exactly like this one with out the tan buckles........they don't have it online anymore but you can call customer service @ 855-hnm-shop and give them these numbers 061855 and they'll be able to help you find it and ship it to you.

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