Monday, June 9, 2014


OMG!!!!! I am sooo excited to start my own Blog!!!
This might seem like a small step to a lot of you but to me this is HUGE!!! I have and always have had a passion for fashion............but fashion isn't what's driving me to work this hard. My current drive really comes from a lot of amazing people I have met through my Instagram. Thank you all for your continuous support and encouragement....I am soo Thankful. Clothes believe it or not has the power to make anyone feel and look like a million bucks! It has the power to make anyone feel more beautiful and they already are! I'm a Plus Size women myself and I know how difficult it can be to find Trendy clothes to wear or figure out how to wear them according to our bodies! grrrr! and that's why I've taken it upon myself to go out and find these pieces for you guys to wear and show you different ways to wear them! I am new to this online/social media so please be patient with me. I have sooo many ideas and plans in minds for all of us!!!
Main Goal: Put Plus Size women on the Map
Find Amazing Affordable Clothes
Reminds you of your true Beauty
Remind you to Love yourself <3


  1. Love this and specially that you tell your followers where to find the clothes. I have followed other girls that end up getting mad if anyone asks where to find the clothes which I think its pretty dumb. Why not try to help other plus size girls right. ..anyway love your style ������

  2. I hope u post often I love ur style

  3. I think this is the third post where I have left a comment lol and it's 6 in the morning right now! Your style is on point